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Martha Frierson

Never say never! I had said in the past how I would never be interested in taking yoga.  I had a mental picture of what a yoga student would look like and I wasn’t it.  The universe has a sense of humor! I found myself taking my first yoga class in 2005, but only because the spin class was full.  As foreign as it seemed then, I truly enjoyed the experience.  I attended classes on and off to balance my stressful lifestyle.  I started my teaching journey in 2007 after receiving my RYT-200 through YogaFit.  I continued learning and earned my RYT-500 through Asheville Yoga Center under the guidance of Stephanie Keach.  As time goes by, I have fused different styles into my practice.  I love new experiences and sharing them with others. Human nature is to learn from each other.  My classes are crafted to the needs of the students in order to make each person feel comfortable and safe.  Yoga is an experience that can provide so much if you are open to it.

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