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Chill Out This Holiday Season!

The holiday season is fast approaching, and people are getting ready to bring out their extended to-do lists. I often hear people say that they don’t have enough time in the day to do everything they set out to do. Their daily list is ambitious, and that can fuel anxiety. The demands of the season, shopping and running errands while battling crowds, back-to-back holiday parties, houseguests, and relatives, are all potential stressors. While you may often feel pressure to keep your spirits up and a smile on your face during the holidays, it’s okay to experience a range of emotions during the season.

Here are five helpful tips to help you be more prepared to tackle what’s in store.

  1. Be Realistic with Your To-Do list: To help manage stress, jot down what you expect from yourself and your holiday responsibilities. Place them on a calendar to get a feel for what to expect in the coming months. Get comfortable with the idea that you don’t have to do everything, and everything doesn’t have to be perfect.

  2. Don’t Try to Go It Alone: It takes a village. Because of our collaborative approach to the world, we’ve been able to do all the fantastic things we’ve done. Asking for help isn’t a weakness. It’s the only way we’ve ever managed to do anything.

  3. Make Small Adjustments: The holiday season can seem full of significant changes, so focus on little things that can help you relax. Take some time away from your mobile phone. Disconnecting can provide some much-needed separation from the demands of people in your life, your calendar, and your to-do list. Minor adjustments that won’t make or break your routine can be the little added boost you need to bring joy back to the holiday season.

  4. Keep Things Simple: Even if you are blessed with financial freedom or wealth, huge expenses can feel overwhelming and burdensome, and it’s easy to get caught up in the circumstance of the season. However, expecting the holidays to be Nordstrom-catalog-perfect is a surefire way to turn holiday joy into yuletide angst. Keep things simple and focus on the core of what’s important to you during the holidays, like spending time with those you love.

  5. Chill Out: The holidays come around quicker each year. When they are incredibly stressful, it feels like we are just packing up the decorations, and then it is time to start all over again. When looking at your calendar or to-do list, be fair to yourself. Decide what’s most important to you or where you most want to go, and allow yourself to say no to other demands on your time. When you take time to rest and relax, you refill your reserves. Give yourself one day to allow your body not to rush and wake up when it wants to.

Managing stress during the holidays can be complicated and overwhelming, so I hope these five ways to be more prepared during the holidays helps you out!

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