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Stephani Pumfrey

Hi! I’m Stephani. I’m an Army wife and mom to two teenage girls. I found my way to yoga back in 2014, after having kids and needing something to do for myself. I loved it right away and when we found ourselves in Arizona I decided to become a yoga teacher. In 2016 I attended the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. Initially I was thinking I’d love to have a job that I can take anywhere with me as we move all over the world. Well, what I got from attending yoga school was much more than that. I found myself and who I truly was. I found the calm, I found the silence, and I found how to come back to those places when I needed to. I have had some amazing opportunities to teach yoga in Germany, to teach yoga to soldiers, and to lead Yoga Nidra at the Wounded Warriors Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.


I love teaching yoga and am thrilled to join Palmetto Yoga. I hope after taking some of my classes you also find a sense of calm, a sense of peace, and maybe become more present in your life. We are all on the same journey, figuring ourselves out and I hope I can add something positive to your journey. I can’t wait to see you in class!

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