Testimonials from Our Clients

Don’t Take Just Our Word For it!

"Josee was my very first yoga instructor. With Rheumatoid Arthritis, I thought that gentle yoga might help me with my balance, strength and agility. Not only did it help me physically but the mental and spiritual instruction exceeded my expectation and helped with my overall well being. Under her instruction I experienced better life and had so much fun doing it. Her teaching has been a welcome change from the ordinary. I'm better for it, I bet you would be also." - Judith T. Age: 71

"I’m an avid golfer, playing every week and currently carrying a 3 handicap. Since I started yoga, my golf swing seems more stable and I feel more ‘in tune’ with my swing. My swing just feels more solid. That more controllable swing has led to better quality contact and additional yardage off the tee. I chalk a lot of this up to the strengthening of my core that’s coming through yoga. Josee has been an excellent instructor, especially for a novice, like myself. Having never tried it before, I really had no idea about what yoga would be like. Josee does a great job of considering any particular body aspects you may have, like my back which can flare up due to an old injury. She also recognizes when you’re ready to push yourself with more strenuous, challenging poses even if you don’t see it." Jeff N.- Age 49

"Josee brings equal parts skill, wisdom, heart and soul to her classes. Whether a newbie, or a seasoned yoga practitioner like me, she will guide you with passion and finesse through an excellent yoga experience."  - Cheryl P. - Age 53

"I am 49 years old. 4 years ago I had a hip replacement. 1 year ago I had to have the same hip done again. Needless to say it was a frustrating time in between the 2 surgeries. For me, building strength and balance was necessary as well as seeing what my new hip could actually do without hurting it. My flexibility, balance, and strength have increased greatly since starting with Josee. As has my confidence. It sucks to be 49 years old and having your second hip surgery. But Josee does not let you dwell and she pushes you while coming up with ways to work with and through your limitations" - Aimee N. - Age 49