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Gemstone Infrared Heat Therapy & Electromagnetic Field Clearing (PEMF) Treatment

An All-In-One Full Body Treatment!

This treatment is delivered via a mat that the client lies upon, which includes the following therapies:


  • Heated Gemstones

  • Far Infrared

  • Negative Ions

  • Photon Lights

  • PEMF Therapy


The mat contains natural gemstones (amethyst, tourmaline obsidian, quartz and jade) that release infrared rays of negative ions when heated. Negative ions can improve your mood and increase oxygen flow to the brain. Photon light therapy helps with skin rejuvenation and increases circulation.


Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is the process of supplying the body with much-needed magnetic fields, bypassing the electrical pollution that affects our bodies daily, such as the use of cellphones, microwaved foods, florescent lighting, cell towers, etc. Light pulses are emitted in waveform consistent with the biorhythms of the body leaving your body relaxed and cleansed.


This treatment is great for muscular relaxation, temporary relief of stiffness, minor muscle, and joint pain, and muscle spasms.


The treatment takes place with the client lying fully clothed on the mat atop a massage table and is accompanied by aromatherapy and relaxing music.


For best results, we recommend a treatment once every 1-2 weeks.


Upon purchasing your treatment, email
to request an appointment.

Treatments are held at our Wellness Oasis
121 Sparkleberry Crossing Road, Suite 102, C-E
Columbia, SC 29229


A 24-hour cancellation notice via email at is needed prior to your treatment. If less than 24 hours’ notice is given we will charge your account for your missed appointment or deduct the session from your treatment package. Please note that we do not accept phone or text cancellations.





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