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Intro Offer

Rewind Aging Anatomy in 30 Days!


Embark on a transformative journey to feeling renewed in your mind, body, and soul, rediscovering vitality and the richness of life, while experiencing the healing power of yoga. This intro offer is designed to welcome newcomers to our studio by offering ample opportunities to experience all we have to offer, while also providing the support beneficial to a new, returning, or continuing yoga practice. 

Is it really worth a try?

Look, yoga sells itself...the benefits for our mind, body, and soul are countless. Whether you are looking to feel better in your body, relieve stress and anxiety, increase mindfulness and deepen your spirituality, or whatever your wellness goals might be, YOGA CAN BE THE ANSWER.

But why our studio?  Here is what we provide to our community...

  • Access to our first-class, multi award-winning studio voted "Best In Columbia" for 4 years running

  • Convenience of classes during morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend hours to fit your demanding schedule

  • A variety of yoga disciplines, teaching styles, and experience levels to suit everyone's needs and preferences

  • Mindfulness practice built into every class to help decrease stress, anxiety, and depression and increase peace, clarity, and well-being

  • The expertise of an elite team of instructors with over 10,000 combined teaching hours and an average of 9 years certified teaching experience, with 70% having an advanced level (500-hr) teaching certification and/or additional teaching qualifications

  • Specialized attention from our team to address students’ individual needs, providing safety and mastery accompanied by personal experience and proficient understanding of aging anatomy, with 94% of our instructors being above the age of 40 themselves

  • A warm, positive, and inclusive environment where everyone is welcomed and embraced as part of our community

  • A clean, spacious, and relaxing studio facility with the room to practice free from the distractions of work or home

  • An encouraging and nurturing staff, committed to supporting you every step of your practice and wellness journey

  • SMS and email access to staff to answer questions (response time usually between minutes and a couple hours)

  • Opportunities to attend regular wellness workshops to enhance your practice, your mindset, and your life

Got your attention?  So why should you try out our "Yoga Time Machine" Intro Offer?...

Bottom line - there's no better value for your money.


  • Unlimited Access to at least 23 classes each week on our schedule over the course of 30 days ($138+ value)

  • Palmetto Yoga's Intro E-Manual with loads of helpful information, including explanations of class levels, mindfulness recommendations, tips for avoiding back pain, and more!  ($50 value)

But Wait! There's MORE...

  • Free Welcome Consultation to provide support to our new students by discussing individual wellness goals, helping you get acquainted with the studio and our classes, and with some initial coaching, as well as your Customized Personal Plan to help you make the most of your 30 days. ($125 value)

As if that wasn't awesome enough...

Upon purchase, receive these Bonus Videos and start experiencing the benefits of yoga immediately. ($75 value)

  • “Bye-Bye Back Pain” 

  • “5 Min to Better Sleep” (plus Audio version)

But the bonuses don't stop there...

​Receive the following mindfulness tools and start feeling less stress and anxiety, and more grounded and balanced. ($100 value)

  • Daily Mindfulness Moments via SMS email or SMS 

  • Bonus 10-min Audio Meditation Script: “Anytime Mindfulness” 

  • Bonus Box-Breathing technique

  • Bonus Spotify Playlist w/Solfeggio Frequencies 


That is a combined value of almost $500, for

Still not sure it's worth the risk?  Don't want to spend the money if it doesn't end up helping you? Well, how about a Money-Back Guarantee*? If you don't feel better in either your mind, body, our soul at the end of your 30-Day Trial, get your money back. 

But Hurry! 

 There are only 6 intro offers available per month!

I'm Ready...


*Money-Back Guarantee requires customer to have attended both the intro welcome consultation and the transition interview upon expiration of the 30-Day trial, as well as attendance in at least 4 classes during their 30 day trial. Not applicable after 7 days of Intro Offer expiration. 

Still Thinking?...Let's Stay Connected! 

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