*No shoes permitted in the area where yoga is being practiced

*Please arrive at the studio 15 minutes before every scheduled class to give you time 

to sign-in or pay for your class if you haven't done so.

*No cell phone usage during class.

*Please silence all cell phones upon arrival.

*No cell phones are permitted in the practice studio space during class sessions.

Please leave them in the cubbies.

*We welcome you to take photos before OR after class and encourage you to tag us and share your experience!  PLEASE NOTE:  be sure to ask and obtain the permission of those you are taking pictures of.

*Please know that doors are locked and classes are closed for

check-in after every scheduled class time. If you arrive 5 minutes

after a scheduled class, you will not be able to attend said class

and will be considered a No-Show and a fee will be applied to your account.  


*A No-Show fee occurs when you are signed up for a class and,

you guessed it, do not show up, don't cancel 12 hours prior,

or show up late. The No-Show fee is $15.  Sorry, but we

cannot make individual exceptions.

*We ask that all of our students keep all conversations and voice levels low once

checked in to respect other students winding down to calm their minds before their yoga class.

*Conversations should be kept at a minimum and voices at a whisper once

our classes have begun, supporting the focused mind, connecting to your body,

and allowing a peaceful space to practice in.

*We encourage students to come to practice with clean bodies and mats

to ensure a healthy space, free from germs.

*Please be mindful to always wipe down and clean any rental mats and/or

studio props that you use with provided cleaning spray bottles located at the props area.

*Please respect the space we all share and wipe up any sweat around your personal

practice space helping us to continually keep and provide clean,

healthy space for all students to practice in.

*If you are unable to remain present for the full practice length of class please notify

the instructor of your need to leave early prior to the start of class.

*We suggest students keep all valuables at home as Palmetto Yoga & Reiki Center does not

have lockable space and will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property.

*Although we love little ones, our classes are currently catered to adults 18 years and older.


*There are no animals allowed in the studio at any time unless it is a certified and

registered service dog wearing the appropriate service vest.


*Avoid wearing heavy smelling perfumes and lotions. While it smells great on your date,

your yoga mates might not appreciate it or might experience sensitivity to it.

*Palmetto Yoga & Reiki Center prides itself on being a safe space.  Within this safety, there

is no room for judgment. The best thing? The practice of non-judgment can be taken on and off your

yoga mat. It is free. It is simple. It is necessary.


Be Respectful, Be Kind, Be Helpful.