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Karen Beattie, PT

"May we walk with grace and may the light of the universe shine upon our path." - Anonymous

Karen has been a teacher at Palmetto Yoga since day one in November 2019. She believes yoga is an invitation to blossom and flourish in one’s true self and that the practice of yoga offers a physical and mental connection that includes physical strength, grace, balance of effort and ease, and mental clarity. With several years of on going practice under the teachings of Stacey Milner Collins at City Yoga of Columbia, Karen realizes the awareness and the transformative benefits that a dedicated yoga practice can bring. In September 2017, she began formal study with Rasika Yoga School. In March 2018, she completed the 200-hour yoga teacher training certification with Rasika Yoga School and in November 2022 she completed her 300-hour yoga teacher certification with Yoga Renew. Karen is a 500 Registered Yoga teacher (RYT) with The Yoga Alliance.

Living a fitness-based lifestyle is paramount in her life. As a Physical Therapist, she has been given the opportunity to help others with physical challenges reach their goals. As a yoga teacher she hopes to inspire students along their yoga journey with guidance on how to move from a position of strength, imparting an experience of moving with one’s breath while uniting the mind, body and heart with the universal rhythm of life. She considers the guidance for us to be mindful-not only on our mats-but also throughout our days, to be one of the many beauties of yoga.

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