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Nancy Hoyt-Duncan

My yoga journey began as a curiosity that has developed into a practice of over 25 years.  In my first yoga class, I realized my body had found a home in yoga that had not been accessible to me in other forms of exercise.  Little did I know that my yoga experiences would not only help me to be more fit, but they would enable me to become more flexible (a life challenge both off and on the mat!) and also more centered and balanced in my approach to living life.  


In 2022, I was able to complete 200 hours of training with the Sakhi School of Yoga in Columbia, SC.  My intention as a teacher is to create a yoga practice that is challenging, yet accessible for all levels.  A class that truly links mind and body, body and breath.  My teachers over the years have always reminded me that yoga is about being aware of the subtleties in your body and adjusting your pose to accommodate those subtleties.  I especially love that yoga teaches us to be with what is in the present moment – knowing it is different each time we practice and if we listen carefully to our bodies, we create the poses that honor our bodies as well as ourselves.


My curiosity regarding yoga has expanded throughout the years into meditation, breath practices and ayurveda.  My other curiosities and interests are dream analysis, traveling, hiking, birding and reading mystery novels.

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