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Mind Wellness Is More Than Mental Health

Did you know that all humans suffer from the hamster wheel of negative, self-sabotaging thoughts? These thoughts become the narratives that we believe to be fact. Mind wellness is more than mental health. It is positivity, it is an attitude, and it is acknowledging that each of your five senses contributes to wellness.

Affirmations are a huge, important tool in mind wellness. With them, you can literally reprogram your mind and change negative behaviors. These are not subliminal messages because the person who uses affirmations must be active in saying them, writing them, and thinking about them. The major obstacle to get past is: How can this work? The second is: This feels weird. Saying positive messages to yourself, looking at yourself in the mirror to say them, and writing them repeatedly all seem rather awkward or even juvenile at first. But the longer you do them, the more belief is behind them, and behaviors do start to change.

Affirmations and guided meditations, such as Yoga Nidra, are used in restorative and relaxation yoga classes. Yoga Nidra helps diminish symptoms of anxiety by teaching mental calmness and cultivating a state of deep physical and emotional relaxation. In addition, the ancient practice releases pent-up emotions and stress to detoxify the brain.

Affirmations can be designed around nearly any topic. Sometimes it can take a few tries for you to find one that you really connect with, so do not be put off if you can’t connect to the first few. It is also okay to make your own affirmations, so you can resonate with them personally, professionally, and regarding whatever area of life you choose to work on.

The following are examples of affirmations of mind wellness

Anxiety: I can handle what comes next. I joyfully trust in the process of life.

Anger: My emotions do not have to affect my behavior. I now decide to create thoughts that bring me peace and happiness.

Depression: I can ask for help when I need it.

Frustration: Even though I dislike frustration, I can handle it.

Feeling lost: Everything I need is in me.

All the answers already lie within me.

Mind wellness can help you take care of your mental and emotional health, just as you care for your physical health. With science-backed benefits like lower stress levels, better sleep, and reduced pain, mind wellness practices can help you lead a happier, healthier life.

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