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David Moscowitz

Whenever someone asks me how long I have practiced yoga, my answer comes easily. I’ll never forget my first class at 8 a.m. on an icy Saturday morning in Indianapolis just weeks before my son was born. (Now he’s 15!) The more that I practice yoga, the more it feels I’ve done so for much longer.] From breathwork as a response to my asthma to physical therapy as a response to my flat feet, I have come to learn and preach that yoga is about sitting with ourselves—mind and body—breathing, listening, receiving … and recognizing that the word practice should not be underestimated. My practice is a blend and balance of routine and experiment, meditation and body awareness, silence and music, motion and stillness. Other loves of mine include food, film, tea, the water, hiking, slam poetry, music of many kinds, and any travel I can get with my super cute family. I completed my 200-hour CYT in mindful vinyasa at Mission Yoga in Charleston, SC.

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