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Laura Mickelson

After 25 years of teaching group classes such as step aerobics and cardio kick and Zumba, Laura was looking for fitness with less impact on the joints.  So she went looking for a yoga class but not just any yoga.. a yoga teacher training class.


Right away she noticed something about yoga that was different from any other form of exercise.  It felt less competitive and left her with more of a sense of balance - mind, body, and spirit!


Yoga felt like an experience that Laura wanted to share with everyone, not just for fitness but to help others discover their true selves, the divine nature of their own spirit, and to learn and feel how that light connects with their mind and body and encourages us to share that light with others.


Laura earned her 500 RYT with a focus on therapeutics at Ashville Yoga center and loves to help others.  Her philosophy is that Yoga is a wholeness approach to creating balance in life and can benefit everyone if...the mind is open to new possibilities, the body is ready to be challenged, and the spirit is ready to soar!!  

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