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I'll Be Happy When ...

What makes people happy? Happiness has been a long-sought-after concept by society. What makes people happy has been the focal point of psychologists, scientists, and philosophers for centuries.

A recent study showed that forty-three percent of Americans haven't felt happy in the last three years. Thirty-eight percent don't remember the last time they truly felt happy. I'm no expert on happiness, but these numbers could be better. The research and articles show a common thread in people's comments. One hundred percent of them blamed outside sources for their unhappiness.

I might have a theory about why these numbers have increased in the last three years. We recently experienced a pandemic that changed many lives. All this time in isolation stirred emotions and brought them to the surface. We had to "look within" and examine our life. Many people changed jobs; others got married, relationships rekindled, or ended in divorce, among other things.

What about money? It has long been debated whether material goods alone can provide happiness. Research has shown that this is not the case. The wealthiest people are not necessarily the happiest people. In addition, it is not necessary to be rich to feel satisfaction and joy in life.

It is best achieved by maintaining meaningful experiences and relationships with others while being balanced with self-care and stress reduction.

What about following your heart? Can it bring happiness? Listening to your heart can be challenging, especially in a busy and demanding culture. But despite life trying to pull you in a million directions, there are ways you can carve out a sacred space for yourself, like yoga, meditation, and journaling. You can do your best to live according to your heart's desire, which will help you enjoy your life and be more present to the people around you.

It's never too late to follow your heart and start something you've always wanted to do and it shouldn't matter if other people are doing it already or nobody is doing it.

The only question that matters is whether doing it would make you happy. Do you follow your heart and live the life you want? Everyone has a different personality and is drawn to different things. And the more you allow yourself to pursue those things and follow your heart, the happier you will be.

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